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The idea of Canoe Bay crystallized after a conversation among friends; senior housing expert Gary Harper, project manager/designer Justin Chubaty and finance expert Jim Fullarton. Justin wanted to find a place where his parents could downsize – a place with less maintenance, a solid sense of security and the ability to go on vacation without worry. Gary’s extensive experience in senior living gave him unique insight into the nuanced needs and expectations of seniors (and their families) at different stages of life. Not surprisingly, the conversation eventually led to talk of where the men and their own families would end up down the line.

Canoe Bay would be a thriving community with unmatched amenities, and programs and services that would fuel the mind, body and spirit. It would also be a place that embraces nature and encourages outdoor activity at all stages of life.

More than anything, Canoe Bay would be a valuable, contributing member of the surrounding community at large – it would feel like it had always been there.

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Celebrating 40 Years in Business — Founded in 1979 by three Campanale brothers, Vince, Tony, and Rocco, the Campanale Group has met and surpassed the test of time with 40 years of bringing the brothers’ shared vision of award-winning craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and affordability to the Ottawa Region.  Originally established as a real estate firm, the Campanale Group has evolved through the decades into a multi-faceted corporation that unites property management, commercial, condominiums, and residential homes of every kind imaginable.

Your Key to Quality — Our reputation stems from the genuinely dedicated people that make up the Campanale team, from our staff to our trusted contractors.  Because we are a family-owned company, we uniquely understand what our prospective buyers are looking for and then build those dreams from the ground up with the most modern building methods available.  We believe in taking what we’ve learned over the years to build the best for the homebuyers yet to come through our doors.

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EllisDon is a world-leading construction and building services company that has grown exponentially for over 65 years. While the company has delivered some of the most iconic projects around the globe, EllisDon has always remained true to its modest and close-knit roots.

EllisDon has a deep understanding of the local communities in which it builds, because many of its employees live in these communities – they call them home. That’s why they don’t set up shop and leave once a project is complete. Every project is special, and created with the betterment of the community, its residents and neighbours at the top of mind.

Canoe Bay is a new and inclusive community that will be the first of its kind for the city of Ottawa. The development will include two new senior apartment buildings (The Pier), mixed-use apartments and retail spaces (Mooney’s Quay Lofts and Mooney’s Quay), and a retirement home (The Cove).

With a culture and approach to business driven by its core values: freedom, trust, complete openness, mutual accountability, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, integrity and mutual respect, EllisDon is the foremost partner for Canoe Bay on this unique and exciting development.
EllisDon does not build homes. EllisDon builds communities.