The Canoe Bay Story

Turning an old model on its head
Ottawa's ground-breaking community with housing options for every stage of adult living.

The idea of Canoe Bay crystallized after a conversation among friends, senior housing expert, Gary Harper, project manager/designer, Justin Chubaty and finance expert, Jim Fullarton. Justin wanted to find a place where his parents could downsize – a place with less maintenance, a solid sense of security and the ability to go on vacation without worry. Gary’s extensive experience in senior living gave him unique insight into the nuanced needs and expectations of seniors (and their families) at different stages of life. Not surprisingly, the conversation eventually led to talk of where the men and their own families would end up down the line as well.

Canoe Bay would become a vibrant residential community that caters to the needs and desires of those at various stages of later life. A community with beautiful natural surroundings, plentiful opportunity for engaging activities, rich amenities and services, and the reassurance of safety, security, and health care when needed.

Fleshing out the idea

It was clear to Gary, Justin and Jim that there would never be a one-size-fits-all housing model for in mid-life and up. And yet, they also agreed that there was really no reason why those with varying needs, at various stages couldn’t co-exist – in fact, the concept stood to be incredibly beneficial – socially, economically and health-wise.

With this, the founders set out to design a community that would offer a broad range of housing options, with a combination of rental dwellings and properties for ownership – all at varying price points. There would be apartment flats, lofts, townhomes, independent and assisted living options. All of these residences would occupy a 10.6-acre lot of land surrounded by nature, overlooking beautiful Mooney’s Bay.

So much more than just a place to live

It was never simply about providing different housing options for those 50 and up. Rather, Canoe Bay would be a thriving hub with unmatched amenities, and programs and services that would fuel the mind, body and spirit. It would also be a place that embraces nature and encourages outdoor activity at all stages of life. As well, it would be the opposite of a gated community. Instead, it would welcome those in the neighbouring communities to visit the winding green pathways and park space, not to mention, Mooney’s Quay – the dynamic heart of Canoe Bay, featuring an eclectic mix of retail, restaurants and conveniences.

More than anything, Canoe Bay was going to be a valuable, contributing member of the surrounding community at large.

It would feel like it had always been there.